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Welcome to SpeXICAM, a pioneering spin-off company from Ghent University at the forefront of hyperspectral X-ray imaging technology. Leveraging six years of groundbreaking PhD research and international collaborations, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions encompassing software, hardware, bespoke engineering, and expert know-how. At SpeXICAM, we are committed to revolutionizing X-ray imaging, offering unparalleled precision and depth to industries ranging from biology to materials science. Explore our innovative range of products and services as we redefine the boundaries of X-ray imaging technology.

Our technology

SpeXIDAQ Software

Our SpeXIDAQ software suite unlocks the full performance of hyperspectral X-ray sensors.

Useful tools and visualisations are provided for everyone, from a detector engineer looking for deep insights in camera performance, to a user focused on collecting useful data.

Its modular and network-based architecture not only allows for extensive customisation and integration, but also lays the foundation to handle the challenging requirements of future hyperspectral X-ray sensors.

WiggleCam Technique

A typical hyperspectral X-ray sensor only has a limited field of view, so creating a large area camera system requires combining multiple sensors in an array.

Our patented WiggleCam technique takes full advantage of the unique properties of these hyperspectral X-ray sensors to completely remove the gaps between the sensors in a multi-tile array. As a bonus, you'll also get significantly increased spatial resolution!

Custom read-out hardware

A perfect integration of software and hardware is key for maximal performance.

Employing the same principles of modularity and stability used to build our software, our electronics platform allows us to create tailor made camera systems for your application that perform just as designed.

Our WiggleCam technique has been integrated in our read-out platform on a fundamental level, delivering perfectly sharp and gap free images.


Off-the-shelf hardware

Custom engineering

Software development

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